Little By Little Blessings

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32 (NKJV)

God wants to give us good things. It truly amazes me to think that we can give God pleasure by receiving his promises for our lives.  God desires to bless us.  In fact, he takes pleasure when we receive the blessings of God on our lives.  If that’s true,  then  why does it feel like God is withholding blessings and good things from us?  Why does it seem like he doesn’t want us to have certain things.  I think the answer can be found in Deuteronomy 7:22.

“And the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you little by little; you will be unable to destroy them at once, lest the beasts of the field become too numerous for you.” Deuteronomy 7:22 (NKJV)

“Little by little!”  God knows that if he were to bless us with everything right now all at once we would not be able to handle it!  If we could fix all that is wrong with us in an instant we wouldn’t be able to handle it.  We would not be able to maintain all of those changes.  In fact, God says we cannot destroy or change all of the things that are wrong in our life all at once.  If we were to make those changes at once, then the responsibility and the weight of the changes would be too numerous and difficult for us to continue to keep them up.

I think this works in so many areas of our lives.  If we were to receive enough money to fix our financial problems and get completely out of debt, we may not be able to handle the responsibility of the positive cash flow.  Here is a quote from Forbes magazine about the effects of winning the lottery:

“Sudden wealth is most likely to exaggerate your current situation, but it won’t fundamentally change your sense of well-being. If you’re unhappy, you’re not good at managing money and you’re surrounded by people you don’t trust, a big win will probably make your problems worse. If you feel fulfilled, you are a careful financial planner and you have strong relationships in your life, a lottery win is likely to build on those strengths.” [Forbes]

In fact, many statistics show that lottery winners go broke within 5 years.  Some statistics suggest 1 in 3 and others say 70%.  There is no way of knowing the actual number since the lottery officials don’t keep these type of statistics on the winners.  Nevertheless, the concept is that if you are not already developing and growing skills to handle the amount of finances that you currently have, then a sudden lump sum will probably not make you develop those skills either.

Do not despise small advances.  As we grow and mature, the process takes many small steps, rather than major ones.  God wants to bring us to maturity and he will not allow us to skip any steps to get there.  God has committed to bring us to maturity and will help us along the way.  We all want giant steps but little ones bring about lasting changes.

Bottom line, be grateful that God is blessing us and is pleased to give us the kingdom of God little by little.  I think we can appreciate things and handle them better.  Be patient with yourself and God, things are getting better if you are obeying God.  It may seem like it’s taking forever, but when you are finally free from issues, debt, or whatever is creating bondage for you it won’t really matter that you came out little by little.  You will just be grateful that you are finally free.

It’s difficult when I see the vision that God has for me to be patient and wait little by little to get there.  Often we hear about “overnight” sensations.  But we don’t realize the years of hard work and small advances it took to get there.  I want to be patient as God develops me and takes me on this journey to becoming he wants me to be.  I want to enjoy the journey and not rush the process!

As I look back over my life, I think the most problems that I have faced are when I try to do too much too fast.  I’ve tried to live in a place where I was not prepared or ready to live.  For instance, when I was younger I tried to act “grown” as my mom would say.  I moved too fast in relationships.  I got into debt trying to live above my means because I wanted things too fast.  American culture says skip the hard work, sacrifice and save route and go ahead use your credit to buy above your means.  We don’t take small steps and then end up going around the same mountain like the Israelites because we were disobedient.

Maybe it’s because I just turned forty or maybe it’s just God speaking to me.  Maybe it’s both.  I am in a season where I want to take my time, obey God by faith and be patient as he advances me, my family and my ministry little by little.  Each year it gets better and better!


Father, thank you for desiring to bless me.  I am glad that you take pleasure in giving me the kingdom!  Lord, I declare that I am coming out of my situation.  I declare that I am coming out little by little.  I thank you that I have the victory.  Now Lord grant me patience as you take back territory in my life little by little. I praise you Lord that no matter what I am coming out in Jesus name!