Corporate Prayer? Meh…No Thank You.

I remember the first time I ever attended a corporate prayer meeting. As a new Christian I had been trying to grow in my walk with God and really wanted to grow my prayer life. My pastor recommended attending a corporate prayer meeting. I was hesitant, but went, not knowing what to expect. Before I walked in I silently pleaded with God “please don’t let anyone call on me to pray.”

Being new to the prayer meeting I closely watched those around me for cues on how to pray. Many people in the room were older, not smiling and seemed almost lost in another world. Their eyes were closed as if focusing on something intently. Some were rocking back and forth like a swinging hammock, some were muttering unintelligible words that I didn’t understand, and some would periodically shout “Yes” or moan “mmmhhhmmm” as if they were responding to a conversation that I was not privy to.

I left that meeting feeling like I was the most unspiritual person in the room and decided that prayer, at least corporate prayer, was not for me. I went in wanting to learn how to pray, I walked out feeling defeated, unspiritual and quite frankly like the people who attended corporate prayer were weird.

It was a bit discouraging. After a brief discussion with my pastors and a little stubbornness not to quit, I decided to jump in and try again…and again…and again in corporate prayer. It took a while but I finally found some things that work for me in engaging in prayer. Not only can I comfortably sit in prayer and actually hear God, I actually love it and miss it when I don’t engage in it.

If you’ve ever wanted to grow in your prayer life, but haven’t been sure how then let Rohi help you. There are so many different ways you can get plugged into prayer and grow your own prayer life.

Monday-Friday – 30 minute prayer calls
This is a brief conference call that you can join and listen to and if you choose to participate in others praying for our church and community. This is a great place to get introduced to corporate prayer in a non-intimidating situation. ITs only 30 minutes! Listening to how others pray will help you gain tools for how to pray.
See this link for prayer times and phone numbers.

Saturday Nights in the Main Sanctuary 6-8 p.m.
This is a great place for beginners to get plugged in. There is a short teaching about prayer, time for questions and answers about prayer, and then guided practice to help you engage in prayer. This meeting is designed to teach you how to pray and equip you with tools for how to develop a consistent prayer life.

Sunday Mornings in the Main Sanctuary 9:15 a.m.
This meeting is reserved as pre-service preparation. We discuss the details of the day and then pray for service. This is a great pre-game ritual before service. You’ll leave prayer singing and shouting, ready for Sunday service.

Join us and experience the power of corporate prayer. If you have any questions or want more information I’d love to hear from you AND more importantly I’d love to see you engage in any one of the meeting times above.

In His Service,

Pastor Jen Ortiz