Can you believe Christmas is almost here?

My name is Annamaria, and I help coordinate our community outreach events here at Rohi. Christmas will soon be upon us, and I’d like to tell you about an event called Christmas for San Jose.

First, let me explain how this event came about. We had just moved into our current building and we were still reeling from the blessing that it was. For the first time, we had 24/7 access to our very own building with a lot of extra square footage and a ton of potential. On top of that, we were back in the East San Jose area, where our church originally started. So we HAD to do something to reach out and bless the community, so we started Christmas for San Jose. As a church, we felt that we were blessed to be a blessing.

Now, we are approaching the 3rd year of this event, and we are expecting roughly 500 people to come through the doors to experience Jesus. We plan to give over 300 toys, take pictures with Santa, decorate cookies, put on a production, pray for people, and most importantly, share the Gospel. It’s an amazing day that can’t be done without the help from volunteers and donations. This is where I’d like to encourage you to help. I know that it can be a difficult season to give both time and money, but I hope to show you a different way of looking at it.

A couple of months ago, Pastor Sheyna taught a series on being rooted and the importance of sowing seeds. Think of all the seeds that are being sown through events like these. Our events aren’t designed to get more attendees, more exposure, or “likes” on social media. Sharing the Word is a seed with enough incredible potential. We are in an area where so many people need to hear the truth about Christmas; that Jesus, who is Almighty God, came in human form to die for us in exchange for our sins. Imagine if just one person hears this, has an encounter with God, and it changes their whole life!

Please don’t look at volunteering or donating as a sacrifice this season. I encourage you to see this as an opportunity to sow and to reap generational benefits. You might just see a transformation in your own life, and that’s the power in giving. I’ve made sign-up sheets for volunteering and donating gifts here on our events page. You can also go here to donate money to cover the cost of the event. If you’d like to talk more about Christmas for San Jose, or any of our outreach efforts, please find me after service, or send me an email:

I pray you are blessed to be a blessing this Christmas season and beyond.

Annamaria Baez