Easter for San Jose

Music, prizes, board games, an Easter egg hunt, family games, food and other fun sports!

  • Check-in between 11:30 am – 12:00 PM
  • Opening Ceremony 12:00 pm

Saturday, April 20, from 12 – 3 p.m.
at the Lake Cunningham Cypress Pavilion

Parking is $6 Click here for more information and parking policies.

*Street parking is available along Cunningham Ave.

Information about Family Olympic Event:

  1. Each team must have at least 4 players but no more than 6. Two players must be under age 16.
  2. The day will include a short opening ceremony, four heats with different games (fun physical activities, brain games, and no skill required games) and a closing ceremony where awards will be distributed.
  3. Everyone gets 1 point for participating in any event.
  4. Additional points are given to the person who got 3rd place.
  5. 2 additional points are given to the person who got 2nd place.
  6. 4 additional points are given to the person who got 1st place.

All activities are available for people who do not want to participate in the competition

Some Activities include:

  • Fruit by the Foot in the Mouth
  • Cracker Ref
  • Cotton-Ball Ru
  • Cookie Face
  • Tic Tac To-Go
  • Back to the Beach
  • Potato Sack Race
  • Egg Toss
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