It’s Time For Action

November 25, 2018

7 Rivers of Enthusiasm  (Part 3) Reignite My Enthusiasm
7 Rivers of Enthusiasm  (Part 2)
7 Rivers of Enthusiasm   Reignite My Enthusiasm
Have you lost your fervor or joy for life, family, job, your relationship with God? Are you looking for a fresh fire to restore your passion and enthusiasm? Join us…

Step Out and Step In

October 21, 2018
Have you been feeling lately that God is trying to stretch you out of your comfort zone and do a new thing in you?  That God has given you an…
The Fullness of Forgiveness Series - Part 3 The Freedom of Forgiveness

Be Teachable

September 30, 2018

The Fullness of Forgiveness Series - Part 2 The Foundation of Forgiveness