How to Produce a Harvest in Your Life (Part 2)
How to Produce a Harvest in Your Life

You Can’t Stop Me!

September 29, 2019
You Can't Stop Me - Don't Let Opposition Prevent You From Receiving What God Has For
Rooted Together Series - Part 2 God's Problem With Isolation
Rooted Together Series - Part 1 How Deep Are Your Roots?
It’s Time to Grow - Part 2 Principles of the Seed
It's Time To Grow - Part 1 Principles of the Sower

Prime Targets

August 25, 2019
Prime Targets - What kinds of pray are you?

Bearing Fruit

August 18, 2019
Guest Speaker Rev Cynthia Jackson - Bearing Fruit

Nothing Was The Same

August 4, 2019
Guest Speaker Pastor Chris Scoz - Nothing Was The Same