Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

The mission of Rohi children's minstry is to

  • Encourage children to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and help  them learn how they are gifted by God to help others.

  • To prepare children to discover their uniqueness and God’s mission for their lives.

  • To present the gospel message in a relevant and application- oriented way. That each child will see that God’s word is written for them and that it can be applied to their day to day life situations.

  • Teach the children to be knowledgeable in the Bible and know the truth of God’s Word.

  • Be purposeful in prayer by teaching our children how to pray and give them opportunities to pray for themselves, other and people around the world.

  • Have intimate worship by encouraging children to get involved and intimately worship God by praise and worship in our classes, services and special activities.

  • Be intentional on making sure every child is known personally, loved and deeply cared for so they can grow in their faith.

Family Worship Service

The first Sunday of every month we have Family Worship Service. On this day there are no children’s classes, instead it is a time for families to worship together in the main sanctuary.


Leader: Jenea Black