Rohi Christian Church

Small Groups

Small groups have one, simple purpose: To bring people together.
Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why small groups exist—to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.

Men's Group

Men’s Fellowship

Band of Brothers
Rohi Church men’s group will help you become a better man.  Come fellowship and enjoy some time together.  
Time: Second Saturdays @ 8:30-10am
Group Leader: Pastor Jonathan Pennywell
Requirements: None
Childcare Provided: No
Ages: Men 18+

Women's Group

Women's Fellowship

Sister Circle
Rohi Church women’s group  will help you become the woman God has created you to be.  Come fellowship and enjoy some time together.
Time: Second Saturdays @ 7-8:30pm
Group Leader: Tanya Wilson & Lillian Long
Requirements: None
Childcare Provided: No
Ages: Women 18+

Operation Solid Lives

OPERATION: Solid Lives is an intense discipleship program designed to transform lives by saturating students with the Word of God while limiting the distractions of the world.
Date & Time:  Level 1 (Men only) – starts Sunday October 2nd – October 30th @ 2pm.                                            Level 1 (Men & Women) starts week of Oct. 9 (Time TBD)
Group Leaders: Pastor Jonathan Pennywell and Deacon-in-training Joey
Requirements: $10 for Journal
Childcare Provided: No
Ages: Men and Women 18+ 

Bible Study

Wednesday Nights September 21 at 7:00 pm via zoom and on Facebook Live 
Studying the Bible as a group can transform lives, but it also presents unique challenges. We will be doing a 10-week series called “Healing Power” 
Group Leader: TBD
Requirements: None
Childcare Provided: No

Marriage Ministry

Married Couples
this is a monthly marriage small group to help you build stronger, healthier marriages. This in-person group is to provide a fellowship, a place of encouragement, love and support for married couples in the body of Christ.
Time: Third Saturdays @ 6PM
Group Leader: Pastor Alex and Jen Ortiz
Requirements: None
Childcare Provided: No
Ages: 18+