Rohi Christian Church

Small Groups

Small groups have one, simple purpose: To bring people together.
Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why small groups exist—to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.

Men’s Fellowship

Men's Group

BAND OF BROTHERS                                              Rohi Church Men’s group is about encouraging men to be their best, celebrating the word of God while being fed physically and spiritually. Come and enjoy a time fellowship with other men growing stronger in faith together.              

Time: Second Saturdays @ 8:30-10am                        Group Leader: Deacon Joe Lopez
Requirements: None
Childcare Provided: No
Ages: Men 18+

Women's Fellowship

Women's Group

THE SISTER CIRCLE                                      Rohi Church Women’s group is a place where all women are welcome! This is a place where women can fellowship, connect and build relationships while supporting each other spiritually and emotionally. 

Time: Second Saturdays @ 7-8:30pm                    Group Leader: Deacon Tanya Wilson          Requirements: None                                  Childcare Provided: No
Ages: Women 18+


Operation Solid Lives

OPERATION: Solid Lives is an intense discipleship program designed to transform lives by saturating students with the Word of God while limiting the distractions of the world.

Date & Time:   Sunday, October 1 @ 2PM                            Level  1– Introductory level of our discipleship progam which will help you realize the love of God like never before. (4 weeks) 

Level  3 – At this level, we dive deep into the Word of God and learning how to use the Sword of the Spirit. Prerequisit: Levels 1 and 2. (6 weeks)  

Requirements: $10 for journal                            Childcare Provided: No                            Ages: 18+

Bible Study

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS @ 7PM!  Join us in person or on Zoom!

October 4th, Wednesday Night Bible Study returns! Let the church say “Amen!”  We are kicking off this next Bible Study series with “The Study of David: Cultivating a Life After God’s Own Heart.” We will studying the life of David and learning how to develop a life of worship.

Studying the Bible as a group can transform lives, but it also presents unique challenges. 

Group Leader: Pastor Jewel Caceres
Requirements: None
Childcare Provided: No

Marriage Ministry

This is a monthly marriage small group to help you build stronger, healthier marriages. This in-person group is to provide a fellowship, a place of encouragement, love and support for married couples in the body of Christ.

Time: Third Saturdays @ 6PM
Group Leader: Pastors Alex and Jen Ortiz
Requirements: None
Childcare Provided: No
Ages: 18+

Untying The Knots Of The Heart


In this small group you are invited to take a journey – a journey of discovery and of deepter understanding of discovery, and a deeper understanding of our own hearts. Through the process discover the God who masterfully and tenderly untangles the knots of you heart. 

Start Date & Time: September 26, (12 weeks) Zoom, Tuesdays @ 6:25-8:45PM   
Group Leader:
 Pastors Jonathan and Crystal Pennywell.  

Signup for this group by email with Pastor Jonahan at or Pastor Cyrstal at

Prayer-Powered Entreprenuers

Recoginzing God as CEO through and inside-out systmem of praying for transformaiton keeping God at the center of everything, praying alignment with the things he all already promised. 

Start Date & Time:  September 26th (8weeks) on Zoom,Tuesdays 5:30-7:00PM   
Group Leader: 
Pastor Sheyna James

Sign up for this group by sending an email to Pastor Sheyna at l

Forgiving Forward

Something happened – it might have been yesterday or years ago and it changed you! Unless you forgive those who wronged you, the heart wound will become infected and spread, discover forgiveness that is real and forever!  

Start Date & Time:  October 13 (8weeks) In-person, Fridays @ 6pm   
Group Leader:
Deacon Candice Lopez 

Sign up for this group by sending an email to Deacon Candice @