Rohi Christian Church

Close What’s Open, Open What’s Closed

We have been talking about worship and digging deeper in our relationships with God lately. It’s hard to dig deeper though if there are things we worship other than God. God wants to be close to us and if we want to be close to Him, we got to let go of anything getting in the way of that. “Close what’s open, open what’s closed.”- This is a two-part statement I heard God say to help us with this. 

“Close what’s open”- When I heard this, I understood it to mean there are some doors we have opened and have allowed some things in, some people in, some mentalities in, some ideas in, that we are now connected to that are not of God. These things can hinder us from growing in our relationship with God. God is saying to close the doors to what we have opened ourselves up to that should not be open. It’s time to cut off access to the enemy. 

That may mean turning off the TV, the internet or the social media, or that gossip. For some, it may be getting rid of crystals, statues, horoscopes and idols. It may be letting go of that person or group of people who is leading you away from God. For some, it may be letting go of drugs, food, porn, sex or money as your source of fulfillment. For some, it may be letting go of lies and mentalities that only tear down and not build up. It’s time to close those doors.

The second part- “Open what’s closed”- is about opening up and giving access to God the areas in our lives that have been closed off to Him. See, the thing that we actually had opened ourselves up to the enemy, closed off access to God. Now that we are closing the access off to the enemy, we now have the opportunity to give God access to these areas. 

Our hearts that may have been broken- will you open it up to Him? The situation that you’ve been trying to control or handle your own way- will you open your hand and let go by giving the situation into God’s hands? Our lives for God to lead, direct and fulfill- will we open them up to Him to come in and have His way? Jesus still stands at the door and knocks. Will you let Him in?