Rohi Christian Church

PSA: Your Life Has Value

The following is a message to the hurting, the broken, the lost, the wondering, the wandering, the troubled and all who are in trouble. This message is for the confused, weary, hopeless, or those who feel helpless or useless, used and abused, or feel like they are a burden. This is for those debating if life is worth living: Your life has value.

When sin entered the earth in Genesis 3 after Adam and Eve got caught up in the lies of the devil and disobeyed God’s word, so did death and separation from God, hopelessness, sickness, confusion, pride and darkness. Yet, a promise by God also entered in, that Eve’s Seed, or Jesus Christ, would crush the head of the enemy. Jesus was going to come to our rescue and He did. This is known as the gospel, or the good news. 

Why is it good news? Because the One who still loved us even when we disobeyed, instead of leaving us, made a way from the beginning to save us. He didn’t want to lose us to sin and death, nor be separated from us. He did not and still does not want us to live hopeless, desperate, depressed, stressed, anxious, sick, broken, lonely, angry, evil lives. So Jesus came to our rescue, and with a better life for us, by paying for our lives with His own. This is why we celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Life can be better. Don’t ever think you’ve messed up so bad that life is not worth living or that things are so bad that God can’t fix it. You can exchange your life for the life He gives. Don’t lose your life to lies. Give your life to Christ and let Him give life to you.