Rohi Christian Church


Have you ever felt God nudging you, or maybe heard Him calling you or trying to tell you to do or not do something, but you chose to not listen or kept doing your own thing because whatever you heard or felt didn’t seem convenient to you? As a church on fire, there’s nothing like convenience to snuff out that fire. We can’t let this happen.

Convenience limits us and limits what God can do through us. Convenience is defined as suiting my needs, fitting my time, or requiring little work or effort. It tends to be one-sided, all about us. When it’s not convenient to us, we just come for or do what is convenient. We miss out on what we could’ve experienced or maybe having an impact on someone else. 

We may think what God wants is inconvenient to our lives. The truth is that He has the best in mind for us all. Whatever thoughts we have are foolish compared to His thoughts. He’s always made things convenient for us but either we want things our way or have not always chosen Him, which only makes our lives harder. Look at Adam and Eve not choosing what God said- now life is hard for all of us to this day. 

Let’s reflect on how Jesus dealt with inconvenience when He left heaven to come live here on earth and then die after only 33 years of life so that we could receive the convenience of being saved from sin and have life and a relationship again with God. There were 3 times in the garden where Jesus wanted to see if there was a different way to handle paying for the sins of the world. It felt inconvenient and uncomfortable for Him, but after praying, He went and gave His life anyway. Why? Because we were worth it to Him.

What God did for us was inconvenient for Him, but made things convenient for us. What God wants from you is not just for you or about you but all those around you too. Where it seems inconvenient to you, it will be a completely different experience when you do give Him your time, your focus, your attention, your talents, your life, your “Yes”- daily.