Rohi Christian Church

Most Profound Message For Me

There have been many messages that I have preached over the past 9 years pastoring at Rohi Christian Church. None has been more profound for me personally as this Christmas message called “Show Me A Sign.”

I have had questions for God like: Why my mother died 8 days after my first son was born? Why did my husband pass away? Why did I become a widow at 34 with a 2 year old and a 5 year old? Not to mention the number of questions that I have had to try and respond to as a pastor. The most recent, occurred when ministering to a dying, 31 year old who had cancer. She continued to say, “This isn’t fair.” What do you say in those situations? Not to mention, what do I really believe about God in those moments.

This sermon was a deep revelation and an answer to many of those questions. It was for me a huge light bulb moment. I received such clarity and insight as I struggled with life’s difficult questions. I pray that this message will do the same for you.

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